THE News receives some strange requests from time to time – none more so than this week with Peter Hayward and his search for old milk bottles from the Crewkerne area.

Peter is on the hunt for bottles used for retailing milk between 1920 and 1975 and would have shown the name of the company and location printed on the glass.

He says: “Researching all dairies in Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall has bec-ome my hobby since retiring from a career in distribution within the milk industry.

“My focus at present is Crewkerne and surrounding area.”

Peter’s collection of bottles contains examples of about 400 dairies in the South-West, and these will eventually be donated to the Nat-ional Trust to display in suitable locations in the four counties of interest.

“I’m hoping News readers will be able to provide information or an example of these old bottles from dairies in the Crewkerne area,” said Peter.

“I feel passionate about finding the bottles from this period so they can be put on display to represent that part of our social history which has been all but forgotten.”

People can contact Peter on 01404-42642 or email him at petervalhayward@tesco. net