LANDLORD Gavin Ridley quite literally hopes making a ‘dog’s dinner’ of things could be the key to success at at Somerset pub.

Gavin took over the tenancy of the well-known 15th century Poppe Inn pub at Tatworth, near Chard, on Hallowe’en night last year, and gave pub-goers something to chew on when he added a new concept to the bar menu – dog food!

While some readers may think Gavin is barking mad, he explained to the News that he hoped the added extra to the normal menu would be welcomed by dog walkers in the area.

“It means dog owners can come in for something to eat and treat their dog to a meal as well,” he said.

Gavin, who is himself a dog lover, said he had seen the idea work well at a pub elsewhere in the country and thought he would give it a go at the Poppe Inn.

“It’s something a bit different, and I hope dog walkers will come in and enjoy it,” he said.

He said dog walkers merely popping into the pub for a pint and a packet of crisps could also treat their animals with the bar stocking a range of dog biscuits.

Gavin was quick to reassure people, however, that the preparation of human food and canine meals were kept entirely separate.

Not wishing to end up in the dog house, Gavin said there was also an animal-free area for people to dine in at the pub.

And don’t worry, our photos this week are just to illustrate the story – dogs won’t get to sit at table (or the bar) and still have to mind their manners from the comfort of the floor.